"I received a thank-you gift from Bejewel ( the best jewelery in the WORLD) for being the first person to purchase from there on-line store. How unreal that they sent me the matching neckless. I am at a loss for words."

"...all Canadian made. I get compliments on all my pieces everywhere I go. Thanks so much Bejewel! You know I love you!"

25 Years in Business! Wow how time flies. And my present from my bank was a vote of nonconfidence because I was "trending" in the wrong direction. To quote Alanis Morissette: Isn't it ironic? Bejewel had been making a slow but steady profit since February and more orders this June and July than we have had in over 5 years.

So yes, Bejewel is winding down! I have been selling off all our tools and equipment, and clearing out our jewellery to pay down my bank debt as fast as I can. So no, unfortunately you cannot order from the website nor from Bejewel. What's left is for sale in our physical studio at 540 B Queen Street, Fredericton NB. Because of the rules of Incorporation, I am not allowed to keep any tools or equipment, and I cannot say how or when my Beloved Studio will arise again.

I would like to thank every person publicly for the out-pouring of emails, texts, phone calls, personal visits: to hug, shake hands, offer such a tremendous offering of love, encouragement, prayers and positive thoughts. In Buddhism, there is a term "holding the container" or "keeping the container". This can refer to your mediation space, keeping it sacred, respectful, mindful and a good space to be. This is how I feel about so many of you, collectors, fans, buyers and are staying positive, believing I will "rise like a phoenix" and basically keeping up a positive attitude and presence around me, when sometimes I despair and am not able.

I owe so many of you such a debit of incredible gratitude for food, help with cleaning, sorting, selling, bringing me tea, hugs, kind words, sharing uplifting stories and purchasing in support of Bejewel. There are so many exceptional acts of kindness I can't list you all here, but you know who you are. The best I can do is "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart and know that if you ever (God forbid) need help like I have, that I will be there anyway I can for you. Namaste.